Commercial Insurance Policies

You asked and we answered. Recently many IAFF Affiliates have called the IAFF-FC Insurance Division looking for protection insurance products for their Affiliate operations. We are now pleased to offer highly competitive and comprehensive coverage that is a good fit for your organization. The IAFF-FC Insurance Division (administered by S.F. & C. Insurance Associates, Inc.) prides itself on understanding your insurance needs and would like you to put our insurance expertise to work for you.

Available Commercial Coverage:

The IAFF-FC and its insurance service provider have a dedicated toll free number at 1 (866)-423-3757. Please provide the representative with your IAFF local number for identification purposes.

Insurance products are provided solely through a licensed insurance broker. Currently, these policies are available to IAFF Members/Affiliates only. For any other group, please call 1 (866) 423-3757 to request a quote.