Financial Advice

The IAFF-FC has joined with Public Safety Financial/Galloway to provide both individual financial advice for IAFF members and department in-service training programs across the country. We teach fire fighters how to make smart financial decisions.

Public Safety Financial/Galloway financial advisors are not strangers to fire service and public safety financial issues. Many advisors are retired from or are currently with public safety.

The Public Safety Financial/Galloway Team has extensive experience providing IAFF members with specific advice that best fits their retirement plans and benefit options. Based on the philosophy of serving others, Public Safety Financial/Galloway specializes in and is committed to providing investment management and financial wellness programs.


  • Department Financial Wellness Training

  • Portfolio Asset Allocation Recommendations

  • Pension Maximization & Consulting

  • Pension Buyback Strategies & Consulting

  • DROP Rollovers & Strategies

  • Deferred Compensation Management - Active Management of your deferred compensation SDBA

  • Our team is deeply invested in your financial success and secure retirement. To receive additional information please call at 1 (877)-778-2351

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