FrontLine Deferred Compensation Plan

The IAFF Financial Corporation has teamed up with Nationwide Retirement Solutions, the nation's largest and most experienced deferred compensation provider, to provide you and all public employees with the best in retirement savings products. It is called the FrontLine Plan.

Plan Description

Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS) is uniquely qualified to provide you with the services you want, when, where and how you want them. In order to respond to the goals and objectives you have for your retirement program, NRS remains flexible and explores every option to find the best answers. Enhanced recordkeeping, plan administration, educational enrollment/assistance, superior investments and regulatory consulting are the foundation of the comprehensive service NRS is capable of providing.

Nationwide Retirement Solutions is committed to utilizing the latest technology to provide account information and transaction capability that is easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A Voice Response System and an interactive Internet Web site provide accurate and timely money movement, transactions, and enrollment. You will enjoy total accessibility to account information and convenient transaction capabilities.

Among other benefits, the FrontLine Plan provides these important features:

  • Daily Account Valuation and Daily Transaction Processing

  • Quarterly Statements

  • Toll-free Telephone Access at 1-877-NRS-FORU

  • Professional and Competent Customer Service Representatives

  • 50 Licensed Direct Response Representatives Available

  • 24-hour Internet Access

  • Online Enrollment

Education is the key to a successful retirement plan. Nationwide Retirement Solutions is firmly committed to educating you on financial planning techniques and investment options. NRS Retirement Specialists will help you assess your current financial status and ascertain the most appropriate investment strategy for you.

Investment products are one part of the solution. Just as the needs of employees are never one dimensional, neither is the Front Line Plan investment offering.  To increase flexibility, NRS has built partnerships with many of America's leading investment managers to offer you a more diverse and comprehensive package of fund options with varying risk levels. The Front Line Plan product line-up accommodates changing financial needs and goals. It is designed with the whole customer in mind, including his or her budget. Providing quality investment products at a good value is important to us.

Nationwide Retirement Solutions high standing in the retirement plan arena is attributable to their ability not only to work with you to identify your unique needs, but also to construct a plan that meets and exceeds those needs. The NRS approach includes the best combination of investment, education, administration, and recordkeeping