Providing a Choice

Protection and Choice

Every day you go to work to protect and serve others. At the IAFF Financial Corporation, we go to work every day to find ways to help you protect your hard earned assets and retirement funds.

The IAFF Financial Corporation was created to find fire fighters and all government employees protection choices. We search for choices in retirement planning, paying for higher education, and preparing for the unexpected through insurance programs. Soon we will even be able to help you locate financing for your home.

At IAFF-FC we recognize the need to bring together the most credible service providers to give you a wide variety of financial products to meet the needs of you and your family. We have arrangements with respected experts in each field and are confident that the products offered will help you manage your financial future.

Retirement Planning

The IAFF-FC has teamed up with Nationwide Retirement Solutions to provide you with access to important employer-sponsored retirement benefit programs:

The IAFF-FC FrontLine Deferred Compensation Plan

The Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP®)

More about the FrontLine Plan

Act Now

Find out more about how the IAFF Financial Corporation and its service providers can give you the choices you need to manage your financial future. All this comes from people who understand that service with an sense of urgency can make all the difference.

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PEHP is a federally registered service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company